Dave "Thunderdome" Specht - Dave moved to Phoenix following his improv classwork with the Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago, Illinois.  He has been performing, teaching and directing improv in the Phoenix area since 2001 with such groups as the Jester'z, Ninjprov, Valley Fever Improv, Boomarang, and Travartine.

David is professionaly represented by Dani's Agency.


By day, David teaches Improv Training and Team Building workshops for corporate clients. He is also a full-time recruiter with his own recruiting firm SanTan Staffing Solutions.


Producer, Director, Cast Member


Phone: 480 699-4598


Colleen "The Mighty Mighty Coco" Specht - Colleen has studied the art of improvisation extensively in Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix.  She is also a prolific stand-up comic who has worked every major venue in Arizona.  Colleen has been performing locally for over 13 years and she is an amazing performer and teacher.  Colleen is amazing with group-work and kids' improv.

Keith "The Nature Boy" Burns - Keith eats, sleeps and breathes acting and improv comedy.  Following a succesful acting career in Los Angeles, oh well there's not enough room in the world to add it all to the website, it would crash the internet.

"Terrible" Trent Fritz - No matter how you are feeling, 10 minutes with Trent will make you feel better about your own miserable life. HAVE A NICE DAY!

Tommy "Boom Boom" Cannon - This brainiac is poised to take over the world. You're either with him, or against him, but you must decide now. 3-2-1 .. TOO LATE!!!!

JC "Jawbreaker" Carlson - JC is as talented and as goofy as they come.  He is the producer of the podcast "Robot Sidekick" and one of the Directors of the ImprovMANIA Thursday night performance teams. You never know what to expect when JC comes on stage.  He is truly one of a freaking kind.

Ryan "Macho Man" Johnson - When he isn't eating steel chairs and turnbuckles for breakfast, Ryan brings the heat every time his foot touches the stage.  Ryan is also a realtor, so buy a house from him, okay?

Will "Wildman" Humphreys - It's True, It's True! The 9th Wonder of the World lends his talents to improvMANIA when he's not crushing spines and breaking bones.  In addition to performing improv comedy, Will does little else. A proud father, husband and entrepreneur, Will is the real deal.

And he also skipped picture day.

Chis "Carnivore" Carson - Chris wil devour you if you don't keep your guard up. He is an expert in exposing and capitalizing on your weaknesses. He also has a little bit of a tail.

"MAD" Mandy Kalish - From parts unknown, Mandy will take no prisoners and she'll speak to no children.  When Mandy is in the zone, it's best to leave her alone or she'll slap your breakfast burrito right out of your hand.  A true triple threat, Mandy is the undisputed light sillyweight of the world and you're lucky to see her if you can.  Mandy is a rising star and a future legend in the making.

Audrey "Oddrey" Pfeifer Audrey Pfeifer is entering her junior year as a Theatre BA student at ASU’s Herberger Institute. As of recent, she is also pursuing a certificate in Theater Education. In addition to performing, Audrey also teaches/directs theatre at various private schools within the valley. For the 7th summer in a row, Audrey will be a director of an elementary through high school theatre camp at Seton Catholic Preparatory High School. Also, Audrey teaches a weekly drama class at Christ the King Elementary school and works as the choreographer for their musical productions.

Andy "Vroom Vroom" Vega - This heart-throb can be seen gracing the stage each and every weekend. With a wide variety of characters and a depth of emotion that will make your heart bleed, Andy will change your life, man. It is said that once you witness "Vroom Vroom," you are never truly the same.

Justin "Frisky" Kosisky - This half clown, half amazing has revolotionized comedy with his sassy smooth style and his mama's boy charm. Witness Justin while you can, his looks can't possibly last forever.

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