ImprovMANIA Entertainment, LLC
Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona.

About the Instructor:
David Specht owns and operates ImprovMANIA Comedy Club in Historic Downtown Chandler.
He studied Improv Comedy in Chicago at Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago before relocating to Arizona in 2001.
Over the last 20 years, David has performed and emceed thousands of improvised shows for countless audiences. He will target your specific needs including active listening, pattern recognition, making bold choices, relentless support and more. Your confidence will soar.
David also had a 20-year career in corporate talent management, recruiting, contract negotiations and sales. David now manages a succesful real estate team by day: Spectacular Real Estate.
David has led corporate Improv Events for companies like Paypal, Coca-Cola, Garmin, Intel and many others.

Corporate Offerings:
Executive Mixer
We work with your team of leaders to ensure positive, proactive communication for your organization. Call us today and we will organize an Executive Mixer for your organization.
Corporate Entertainment
Our ImprovMANIA cast will entertain your organization in a corporate-friendly, interactive, fast-paced show that will make your event the talk of the company. There is no location too big or too small for ImprovMANIA.
Team Building
Bring your team of up to 30 employees to our location in historic Downtown Chandler and we will have fun concentrating on:
Inclusion, Active Listening, Teamwork, Confidence, working through ambiguity and much much more.
Can't make it to Chandler? We travel because airplanes are a thing.
improvMANIA is prepared to offer a team-building experience that will get everybody working together and turn your team into an ensemble.  Whether your group is meeting for the first time, or they have worked together for decades, an improv training session is just what you need.
We can produce a series of workshops or a single experience to target the areas you choose.
With an emphasis on agreement, listening, teamwork, confidence and trust, improvMANIA corporate training will be the talk of the office for years to come.
Corporate Entertainment
ImprovMANIA Corporate Entertainment shows are always Corporate-Appropriate.  There is no audience too large or too small so bring in improvMANIA and make your event the one everybody will be talking about.
Call 480-699-4598 or email
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